etching your windows for improved privacy

  • Repairing Antique Mirrors: From Glass Chips To Resilvering To Frames

    2 December 2015

    Antique mirrors are often quite ornate and can be very valuable. However, they tend to be a little more fragile than modern mirrors because of the older glass construction processes. If you recently damaged an antique mirror and would like it fixed, glass repair shops can help. From glass chips to resilvering, here is what you can expect. Repairing Chips and Cracks Whenever possible, try to save the chips or slivers of glass that have broken off your antique mirror.

  • Remove The Tint From Your Windows Using Simple Supplies

    15 September 2015

    If you want to upgrade the tint to your windows at home, you are going to first need to remove the tint that is already in place. In order to cut down on costs, you can remove the tint on your own with a few simple supplies. Gathering The Supplies Most of the supplies you will need to remove the tint from your windows are supplies you should have around your home.

  • Everything You Need To Know About Sliding Glass Shower Doors

    8 September 2015

    Sliding shower doors are a beautiful addition to any bathroom. They provide a new dimension of decoration and design and add an extra layer of style. Once you learn about these doors, you might be convinced to install one for your shower or appreciate the one you already have more. There's no need to dread taking care of them if you have one in your home and there's no need to call in the professionals when you need to install or replace your door.

  • Framed Vs. Frameless Glass Shower Doors

    6 August 2015

    Modern shower designs have evolved through time, giving homeowners a wider variety of options when remodeling their shower enclosers. Tacky shower curtains can now be replaced by elegant, stylish shower enclosures that are easier to clean and that open up your bathroom. Here is a comprehensive comparison of two possible designs to help you choose the shower enclosure that best suits your home and lifestyle. Frameless glass shower enclosures If you want to give your bathroom a more open, airy look that is elegant, sleek and modern, a frameless shower enclosure could suit you.

  • What You Need To Know To Polish A Pitted Windshield

    29 June 2015

    Over time, your windshield is likely to get pitted from rocks and road debris. In addition, thigs like tree sap and acorns dropping from trees can do the same. The biggest concern with this type of windshield glass damage is that it can interfere with your ability to see clearly when driving at night. Headlight glare can reflect in the pits of the glass, obstructing your vision. If your windshield is pitted, the best thing you can do is smooth the surface with auto glass polish and a sander.

  • 6 Ways Custom Etched Glass Improves The Look Of Your Home

    22 June 2015

    If you are looking for a way to make your home and furnishings stand out, then a custom etched glass element may be just what you are looking for. You might be surprised to learn that an etched glass design of your choosing can be created on any glass surface in your home. Here are six different decorating ideas you can use to improve the look of your home with custom etched glass:

  • 3 Reasons To Install A New Glass Shower In Your Home

    16 June 2015

    If your home is like many, you might still have a traditional shower that requires the use of a shower curtain. Times are changing, however, and glass showers are becoming increasingly popular. This isn't without a reason, however. Glass showers can be a great option for many reasons, so it might be time to think about making this improvement to your home. These are a few reasons why you should consider talking to a residential glass installation and replacement company about installing a glass shower in your home.

  • 3 Benefits Of Tinting Your Residential Windows

    16 June 2015

    The sweltering summer heat can cost you more in air conditioning, as well as cause other sorts of problems. This is because harmful UV rays penetrate ordinary glass easily, and can cause untold damage to your home interior while making the home disturbingly hot. Installing window tinting can be an inexpensive, yet effective way to protect your home from the summer heat, as well as adding elegance and distinction to your windows.

  • The Magic Of Glass: 3 Dream-Come-True Windows

    14 June 2015

    It's not unusual to have your own version of a fantasy window. Maybe your ideal window looks out over a rolling sea or sits up high in a stone turret. For some lucky people, their glass fantasies have come true. There are 3 unusual types of windows that are being perfected for home or business uses. 1. The Wall O' Windows If you've ever spent time relaxing in a tidy glass greenhouse you know how enjoyable the experience is, and you realize how smart and invigorating walls of glass are to the eye and the spirit.

  • 4 Tips To Take Care Of Your New Windshield

    12 June 2015

    If you have recently had your car's windshield replaced, you are probably happy that you don't have to deal with the cracks or chips anymore. You probably also want to ensure that you take good care of your new windshield so that it will stay in excellent condition for a long time to come. Luckily, new windshields are relatively easy to take care of, so follow these tips if you want to keep yours looking fantastic.