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Everything You Need To Know About Sliding Glass Shower Doors

by Rasmus Koskinen

Sliding shower doors are a beautiful addition to any bathroom. They provide a new dimension of decoration and design and add an extra layer of style. Once you learn about these doors, you might be convinced to install one for your shower or appreciate the one you already have more. There's no need to dread taking care of them if you have one in your home and there's no need to call in the professionals when you need to install or replace your door.

Easy Installation

Sliding shower doors are easy to install. You only need to purchase the kit that matches your bathroom. This will depend on whether or not you want to install one for a solo shower or a tub shower. Read all of the directions before you get started and then be sure to follow all instructions. Before you know it, you will have a new sliding shower door to adorn your bathroom.

Removing an old door and replacing it is also as simple. Just find the parts that need to be replaced and follow instructions.

Easy Maintenance

Once you have installed your sliding shower door, you should take measures to properly care for it. Start by cleaning it carefully after each shower. Use only nonabrasive cleaners and gentle glass cleaners that won't streak. Any rust on metal framing should be treated with oil.

With these doors, it's not unusual for it to become difficult to slide them open and closed over time. This could be a result of some part of the metal getting bent. Locate the exact place it is sticking at and examine it for imperfections, grime, rust, or bending. These problems can be fixed with a simple cleaning or by bending the metal back in place. Replacing the entire piece where the problem occurs can solve more serious imperfections or bending.


When you need to spice up the design and colors in your bathroom, adding a decorative sliding glass door is one way to achieve that. But these doors offer a lot more to your bathroom than that. Due to the fact that they keep water away from your floor, you no longer have to worry about problems associated with moisture like mildew and rot.

Unlike cloth and vinyl shower curtains, sliding shower doors are easier to clean and keep dry, making it better to eliminate residue, bacteria, viruses, and fungi. They also look better and add value to your home compared to having an open shower stall or bathtub that needs a curtain. 

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