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Remove The Tint From Your Windows Using Simple Supplies

by Rasmus Koskinen

If you want to upgrade the tint to your windows at home, you are going to first need to remove the tint that is already in place. In order to cut down on costs, you can remove the tint on your own with a few simple supplies.

Gathering The Supplies

Most of the supplies you will need to remove the tint from your windows are supplies you should have around your home. You are going to need lots of old newspapers; probably at least two issues per window. You will need to save up your newspapers for a couple of weeks or collect some used issues from your friends and neighbors for this project.

You are also going to need access to dish soap, water, a bucket and a sponge. Finally, you need either a squeegee or a razor blade.

Choosing The Day

This method of removing the tint from your windows works best when it is warm outside, but overcast. If it is too hot outside, it will dry up the newspapers too quickly. If it is freezing outside, your windows will be really cold and that could interfere with the process as well.

Mixing The Solution

You are going to need a basic solution of soap and warm water for this project. You can use your normal dish soap for this project, or you can even use some basic hand soap. All you really need is a bucket full of warm water that you can refill as needed.

Soak Your Windows With The Solution

Once you have the soap solution ready, it's time to really get to work. You may want to start out and do just one window at first time. As you get the approach and the method down, you can work on additional windows.

Take a sponge and apply the soap and water to your window. You should cover all the areas of your window. They should be dripping wet and completely covered in soapy water.

Apply The Newspaper

Next, take the newspaper and stick it to your soapy window. The newspaper should cover your entire window. Make sure you get the newspaper into the corners of your window as well as all over the main surface area.

Monitor The Newspaper

You need to leave the newspaper in place for about an hour. If the newspaper starts to slide off your window, use your sponge to apply a little soapy water directly to the newspaper itself. This should help the newspaper stick to your window. You may need to do this multiple times throughout the hour you are waiting.

Remove The Newspaper & The Tint

After an hour has passed, you can remove the newspaper. When you remove the newspaper, the tint should peel off along with the newspaper. You may need to use either a squeegee or a razor blade to peel off the newspaper and the tint together. If any tint is left on the window after you complete this process, just repeat it again.

Once you get a handle on how the process works from doing one window, you can start multiple windows if you feel that you can work on more than one window at a time. If not, you can slowly work your way around your house, one window at a time. Using this method to remove the window tint will make it easier for a professional company to come in and apply new tint to your windows. For more information or advice, contact a business such as K & W Glass Inc.