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The Magic Of Glass: 3 Dream-Come-True Windows

by Rasmus Koskinen

It's not unusual to have your own version of a fantasy window. Maybe your ideal window looks out over a rolling sea or sits up high in a stone turret. For some lucky people, their glass fantasies have come true. There are 3 unusual types of windows that are being perfected for home or business uses.

1. The Wall O' Windows

If you've ever spent time relaxing in a tidy glass greenhouse you know how enjoyable the experience is, and you realize how smart and invigorating walls of glass are to the eye and the spirit. If you've ever wanted to recreate the look of a greenhouse at home you can now order multiple-panel glass doors that make it easy.

These crisp, clear doors come in a variety of styles from multiple sliding units that repeat the same simple theme to accordion-style glass doors that fold away out of sight. These doors are perfect when you have a patio or deck directly outside and you want to have open access for entertaining. They make it easy to move kitchen islands, bars and furniture indoors and outdoors as needed.

2. The Perfect Curves

New curved windows may appeal to you if you're a person who imagines a space age, circular glass enclosure for your elevated living room. You'll also appreciate curved glass if you want to create a modern update in one of your home's entertainment areas.

You may not opt for the 3,600 glass panels in one curved glass building, but there are numerous possibilities for architectural upgrades that incorporate curvy glass. An oval glass pool enclosure, a half-round dining room and a circular master bed surrounded by glass are all possibilities for trendy designers and bold homeowners.

3. The Virtual View

One crew of dreamers is designing a window that offers you a stunning view no matter where you are or what season you're enduring. Their invention is a screen that plays your ideal view, from a dewy forest to a sunny beach. The developers aren't simply uploading images or replaying videos. They will be streaming the fantasy views along with the recorded sound to match.

Upgrades could be game-changing. Imagine a recorded view of cheering fans "playing" on a window to help a budding musician practice more enthusiastically or a recording of a parent who is away from home greeting a child or wishing them goodnight. Holidays with windows that "play" scenes will be delightful and magical for children.

Your window installation specialists know about all of the latest products to make your window fantasies come true. Contact them to start discussing your own glass dreams.