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Why Are Frameless Shower Doors So Popular?

by Rasmus Koskinen

If you're a fan of home improvement television or home design in general, you've undoubtedly noticed a trend in bathroom design in the last decade—frameless shower doors. A frameless shower door is typically a solid piece of glass, held in place at the bottom with a u-channel or on the sides with glass clamps and brackets. Frameless doors are modern and sleek and there's a reason why they're so popular.

Easy to Clean

A shower door with a frame is a magnet for water deposits and calcium and lime buildup. It can really be difficult to clean the seams and crevices of a framed door, and nearly impossible to get it perfectly clean if you have hard water. A frameless door obviously lacks this water deposit catcher so cleaning the shower is just a matter of a little spray cleaner and a rag. When water deposits start to build up, and they will eventually, it'll just take a little white vinegar solution in a spray bottle to get it clean again, a safe and natural cleaning product. It might take some getting used to but if you spray daily shower cleaner and squeegee the glass down after every use, you'll find you have to clean it much less frequently.


Another reason that frameless shower doors are so popular is because they are infinitely customizable. A company that specializes in frameless shower door services can cut a piece of glass to your exact specifications and nearly all of them will provide installation too because of the delicate nature of the process. Doors with frames, on the other hand, are almost always mass produced at standard sizes and they're expensive to customize.

Sleek Look

Probably the top reason that frameless shower doors are so popular is because of the look. They're sleek and modern with clean lines and without any clunky metal frames or channels. Because the door must support itself without a frame, the glass is typically thicker, about 3/8" to 1/2" thick. That adds a solid and sturdy feel to any shower, but it also means a frameless door will be more expensive, around $900 to $1300 on average. But the extra cost is worth it for many homeowners because of the absolutely drop-dead gorgeous look; not only the door, but everything else around it too. Because of the clean lines and lack of sight obstructions, a frameless door does a better job of showcasing the surrounding material of the shower. If you have beautiful tile or stonework, it's the best way to show it off.