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Are You Enclosing an Outdoor Patio?

by Rasmus Koskinen

Ar you trying to get your patio enclosed before summer arrives? If so, you are probably busy finding professionals who will do the enclosure for you. Maybe you are still looking for ideas on how to plan the enclosure. If so, from working with residential glass installation services to selecting the decor for your enclosed patio, here are just a few ideas that might help you.

Arrange for Residential Glass Installation

Will you have a large picture window as part of your patio enclosure design? Or, maybe you have decided on having sliding glass doors that will allow you to go outside easily. In addition, maybe you have decided to have French doors that will divide the enclosed patio from the rest of your house. If you're curious about these options, then it's time to contact residential glass installation companies.

No matter the glass installation you select, think of choosing energy-efficient windows. It's true that they will more than likely be more expensive than regular windows, but the expense will probably pay off more rapidly than you imagined each month that your utility bill arrives.

Consider having decorative windows as part of the enclosed patio design. For example, stained glass in the French doors might be stunning. Besides being beautiful, stained glass on the French doors that separate the enclosed patio from the rest of the house means that more privacy will exist. For example, if adults are playing a card game while kids are watching television in the enclosed patio, the stained glass will provide good separation. 

Select the Furniture for the Enclosed Patio

If you chose windows for the enclosed patio, that more than likely means that you want to be able to look outside at your beautifully landscaped garden. If that's the case, consider having a garden theme for the enclosed patio.

For example, select colors of nature for the furniture upholstery. Sky blue or sunshine yellow would both be good choices of nature's colors. The select throw pillows that have a garden theme. For example, throw pillows that depict things like birds and bunnies would add a bit of whimsy to the enclosed patio. 

Choose garden accents, too. For example, have decorative birdhouses on tabletops and even hanging in strategic parts of the room. Another idea would be to have an indoor water fountain on one of the walls and maybe on the coffee table. Choose things like lamps with a floral design for the end tables in your enclosed patio.