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Tips for Properly Maintaining Windows with Commercial Window Film

by Rasmus Koskinen

If you want to improve the overall appearance of an office building while also helping to make it more energy efficient, commercial window film is a great choice. Commercial window film can be applied to windows of any size, and in most cases, the application process does not take very long when done by an experienced professional. If you opt to invest in commercial window film, it is important to know how to properly take care of it in order to keep it in good condition and extend its longevity. Use the following tips to maintain the commercial window film in your office building:

Avoid Attempting to Smooth Bubbles After Application

While a professional will do everything possible to prepare the windows of your office building for the window film, it is possible for small amounts of moisture and air to get trapped under the window film, which can lead to small bubbles forming. Do not be alarmed and try to smooth out or pop the bubbles, as doing so can damage the window film. It can take several weeks for the window film and the adhesive used to apply it to cure and become permanently attached to the window—during this time, the bubbles will smooth out on their own.

Hold Off on the Initial Cleaning

It is normal to clean the windows in an office building regularly, but it is best to hold off on cleaning immediately after commercial window film is applied. Wait several weeks after the window film is applied before you attempt to have the windows cleaned. This will give the film and the adhesive used plenty of time to cure, ensuring that the film stays securely attached to the windows for years to come without peeling or becoming loose.

Clean Gently

After the window film and adhesive is completely cured, it is essential to be as gentle as possible when cleaning the windows in order to prevent damaging the window film. Always ensure that your windows are cleaned with foaming window cleaner or just plain soap and water. Cleaning products that contain ammonia, alcohol, or vinegar can damage the surface of the window film and cause permanent damage. Likewise, only soft cloths or sponges should be used when cleaning windows that have window film. Using bristle brushes or paper towels can cause scratches to form on the film. Also, try to schedule window cleanings for the morning or evening when the window is not hot in order to prevent damage to the film. 

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