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Why You Should Get Hurricane Glass For Your Storefront Windows

by Rasmus Koskinen

If your store windows have been broken out recently, you're probably looking for ways to prevent that in the future. One solution is to have hurricane windows installed. These protect against intruders and strong storms. Here's why storefront hurricane windows are a good choice.

Hurricane Windows Withstand Flying Debris

Hurricane windows are so strong that they stand up to hurricane-strength winds and flying debris. Even if your store isn't in the path of a hurricane, it may be subject to damage from strong winds or a tornado. Strong winds that toss debris through the air is a particular concern for storefront windows. Once the glass fails, the storm gets in the building and can ruin your inventory. Plus, looters have easy access once the windows are broken.

Hurricane windows don't break like normal glass does. The windows are made from two layers of glass that have film between them. The film is like adhesive that holds the glass together. If a brick is thrown at the window, it won't shatter and fall out. Instead, the film holds the glass together. If the outer pane cracks, it is still held in place.

Hurricane Windows Protect Against Intruders

The strong glass makes it very hard for intruders to break into your store. The added protection the glass provides makes them worth the investment. You won't have to worry about boarding up windows when a storm comes or covering the glass with a security gate. Your store is protected day and night in all kinds of weather. Looters usually go for crimes of convenience. If your windows can't be broken down, they lose interest and move on to another store.

Hurricane Windows Provide Insulation Too

Hurricane windows might even improve the insulation in your store so your energy bills are lower, especially if the glass you have now isn't energy efficient. The insulating quality of the windows also helps muffle sound. That could be a nice benefit if your store is near a busy street. The traffic noise is blocked so it doesn't disturb your shoppers. You can also have tint applied to hurricane windows. The tint reflects the sun so the temperature inside your shop is easier to control and glare is reduced. The tint can be clear so it doesn't obstruct the view of your goods inside the store from the outside.

Hurricane windows would be a good addition to your store. They come in various sizes and they can offer protection even to a wall of windows. They protect your store from vandals as well as nature's fury, and by standing strong, they keep your inventory and your employees safe.