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Remodeling Your Bathroom? Install Glass Shower Doors And Choose From A Variety Of Shower Heads

by Rasmus Koskinen

If you are remodeling your bathroom and are removing your bathtub/shower, you should consider installing a shower with glass doors. Once you do this, you can then choose from a variety of shower heads for your shower that are available on the market today. To help you get started, below is more information about this so you can finish your remodeling and enjoy your new bathroom.

Glass Shower Doors

The glass used for glass shower doors is very thick and will not easily break. If the doors are damaged, however, you can hire a company to repair the glass or replace it for you.

These doors are also beneficial if you have a small bathroom because you won't have to worry about installing a bathtub along with the shower.

You can choose clear glass or to give you some privacy there is also frosted glass. You will find etched shower doors that have a variety of designs that you can choose from.

There are framed glass shower doors and doors that are unframed. Having no frame makes these doors much easier to clean.

Types of Showers Heads

Some types of shower heads you will find on the market include:

Mixer Shower

With a mixer shower, the cold and hot water is first mixed together in the water valve before it comes out of the shower head. You control the temperature of the water using a valve that is on the shower head. You can also control the temperature the traditional way by using the bath taps.

There are also digital mixer showers which work in the same way. The only difference is with this type of mixer shower you can preset the temperature of the water by using buttons. There are generally two buttons one for up and one for down.  In most cases, the digital mixer shower has a setting that allows you to control the water pressure

Electric Shower

An electric shower is like an on-demand water heater. This means as soon as you turn the water on it is hot. This can save money as you do not have to let the water run and wait for it to get warm. This shower works by heating the cold water using a heating element inside the shower head.

In most cases, you can purchase electric shower heads that allow you to control the temperature of the water via a control pad.

No matter what type of shower doors and shower heads you choose, hire a professional to install these things for you. Check out a website like for more information and assistance.