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Preparing For Storm Season With The Right Repair Services

by Rasmus Koskinen

If your area is prone to hurricanes, tornadoes, or other destructive forces of nature on a yearly basis, how do you prepare? How do you recover? You can greatly reduce the costs of getting your life back to normal and stabilize insurance costs by having a plan for before and after the storm, and having a team of professionals who can help will only make your life easier. Here are a few concepts to keep in mind as you plan for storm season.

Boarding And Binding Your Property

Any storm situation with high winds has the possibility of throwing debris into your home, car, and other property. This is a huge personal safety issue as well as a costly repair problem, but there are a few things you could do.

At the most basic level, people board their windows. This means nailing multiple narrow boards across a window, or using a large, thick sheet of wood to block off the window. This can stop many types of debris, but can still be destroyed during hurricane conditions.

Other people install storm shutters. These devices are usually made out of metal and are anchored into the building, which reduces the chance that the shutters will be ripped from the building after a few hits or a unfortunately-placed gust of wind under an opening in the shutters.

Whatever you do, don't use tape. Taping windows was a myth solution that caught on, and will only create a more dangerous flail of tape and sharp glass. Smaller pieces would be less dangerous.

Post-Storm Removal And Repair

Don't bet everything on prevention. There can and will always be a way to get around your defenses, and there's always a chance that your property will suffer some damage.

Have a few professionals saved in your phone for after the storm. When an especially devastating storm hits the area, everyone will be looking for debris removal and home repair professionals. You need to know who to trust before the storm happens so that you're not trying to figure out which professionals to try during a hectic season of calls and moving technicians.

For windows and glass doors, make sure that you have a model number or product name saved. If you don't know what you originally had, it can be difficult to track down an exact replacement. That said, there's nothing wrong with upgrading. Take the time to look up new glass doors and windows now, just to have an idea of what you'd like to have if your property is damaged.

Contact a glass door repair and window repair company, like Caplan Bros Inc, to discuss your options.