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How Tinting Your Home's Windows Can Help Protect Your Photophobic Dog

by Rasmus Koskinen

Dog owners everywhere work hard to keep their canine companions healthy and happy. One condition that can be challenging for dog owners is called photophobia, also referred to as light sensitivity. Taking steps to make your photophobic dog as comfortable as possible is important to prevent any underlying diseases from getting worse. Check out the reasons why having your home's windows tinted can promote your dog's comfort.

Low Light Can help Prevent Greater Pain For Your Dog

A number of diseases can be the reason your dog's eyes are extremely sensitive to light, one being eye damage. A compromised oculomotor nerve can cause abnormal pupil constriction that can lead to pain when the eyes are exposed to bright light. If your dog's retina is damaged, bright light can also cause pain. Taking steps to have your home's window tinted can prevent greater pain and can allow your dog's eyes to relax while your vet is providing treatment for them. Discuss with your dog's veterinarian about the benefits of tinted windows at your home for your canine family member.

Your Home Will Not Be Too Dark Inside For You

You may worry that tinting your home's windows will cause your rooms to be too dark. You should know that window tinting does not block out all light but lowers the intensity of bright light. This can be a huge benefit for your photophobic dog while also being beneficial for you and your family. Soothing, low light can be relaxing and provide a more overall comfortable atmosphere. Window tinting is not expensive and does not entail a lot of home renovation like window replacement.

Your Dog Will Love You For It

Dogs experiencing light sensitivity are experiencing an underlying disease that is causing it. Because there are several diseases that could be responsible for your dog experiencing photophobia, he or she will need to remain in low light until the underlying condition is discovered. If your home is bright because of several large windows, you might end up boarding your dog at your vet to keep him or her in low light. The bill for boarding could be as much as having a couple of your windows tinted. Your dog will recover much better being in his or her home environment instead of a frightening and strange place like a vet clinic.

Your dog is more than likely special to you and provides you and your family a great deal of enjoyment and companionship. He or she deserves the best, especially during a medical crisis, so contact a window tinting contractor today for learning more about how you can make your photophobic canine more comfortable in your home. Contact a company like A-Pro Glass Tinting to get started.