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Steps For Repairing A Windshield Scratch

by Rasmus Koskinen

Windshields can get scratched for a variety of reasons, and you may be wondering about the most cost-effective ways to repair the damage. Here are some steps for repairing your windshield as efficiently as possible. 

Evaluate Whether the Scratch is Repairable At Home

When you first notice a windshield scratch, you should take steps to test whether the scratch is minor or major. With a minor scratch, you can comfortably run your finger along the edges of the scratch without getting your finger nail caught in the grooves of the scratch. If this is the case, you're in luck; you may be able to repair the windshield at home. If not, the scratch will likely need to be attended to by a professional. Both windshield repair and windshield replacement are likely options for fixing a deep scratch. 

Use a Home Scratch Repair Kit

If you have a few hours to devote to trying to fix the scratch yourself, then a cheap home windshield scratch kit is one potential fix for your scratch. The first thing that you would do is to wipe down the area to remove any bits of debris or glass in the scratched area. Then you would rub on a paste that helps to abrade the glass and buff out the scratched edges. Some people also recommend that you use a polishing disk to finish buffing the surface after you apply a glass scratch repair compound. You may be able to rent this tool from a local hardware shop instead of buying it yourself. 

Visit a Windshield Repair Specialist

If you go through the home repair steps and still notice a scratch, then visiting a specialist for auto glass repair in your city is a good idea. They may be able to buff the area more professionally or even apply a glass glue to smooth the surface of your windshield scratch. 

Repairing a broken windshield is priority; even if it's just a minor scratch, it can affect how clearly you see out of the windshield. Having the visual distraction of a scratch is sometimes enough to take your attention away from the road for enough time to cause an accident. And scratches that are left without repair can lead to larger issues such as windshield cracks. These steps can help you to attend to your auto glass repair needs from the start to prevent a large replacement bill. Contact a company like Becky's Glass Works for more info.