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Get A Sleek Look With Frameless Glass Shower Doors In Fayetteville NC

by Rasmus Koskinen

Last year, I bought a house in an older subdivision. While I fell in love with the uniqueness of having an older house, I was less than thrilled about the downright ugly bathroom that came with the house. There is only one bathroom in the house and it was decorated by the original owner in blue and pink tiles. The bathtub had a later addition of set of 1980s era glass shower doors. The shower doors had large metal tracks that tended to trap water in them, thus causing mold to grow in the bathroom. This spring, I completely renovated the bathroom with the help of my building contractor. My contractor started by removing all of the old, ugly tile and outdated fixtures from the bathroom. We also removed the old bathtub and replaced it with a shower in that area of the bathroom. From this point, the contractor re-tiled the bathroom in a modern, neutral tile. Once the new tile was in place, my contractor installed new frameless glass shower doors in Fayetteville NC. The frameless glass shower doors in Fayetteville NC were a great option because they look very sleek and modern. At the same time, they do not have the metal tracking that traps water so we have a lot less of a problem with mold in the bathroom.